“I LOVE my new implants! Dr. Mantena’s Town Center Dental made my experience affordable and comfortable with his friendly office staff. Dr. Mantena explained my situation and offered several options to me before I made my decision. I could not be more pleased with the results.

Gaby has been invaluable in making sense of my insurance coverage, what’s covered and what my out of pocket expense would be for a variety of dental services I have received over the last couple of years. Thank you!

With the price, performance and personal touch at EDH Town Center Dental, I am a smiling and satisfied client!”

Terry Mallin

More Testimonials

Very neat and clean office. Staff is nice, Doctor is wonderful with a sense of humor! Went in for exam, Doctor was very thorough, explained everything using digital X-rays and pictures. You can defiantly tell this office is high tech. Highly recommend
Peter T
Dr. Mantena is the best dentist I have ever had. He is very caring and does a great job. He is very honest and doesn't try to nickel and dime you, like I have had many dentists do in the past. I am deathly afraid of getting dental work done, and Dr. Mantena and his staff made me feel very comfortable. The receptionist, Gabby, is very sweet and efficient too!
Denise B.
Great service. Don't remember all names, but Dr Mantena, Britney, Christine i think the new girl name is and Gabby are really nice and professional people. Dr Mantena is there to help not only to make you pay. Thank you all!!! My wife moved over shortly after my first experience, and we even started bringing our little girl at age 3 (no trains or other other gimmicks required - she's just comfortable with them. I'd recommend this practice to anyone looking for a comfortable and caring dentist.
Vlad P.
I walked in apprehensive, anxious, scared, nervous and in pain. I share with the amazing staff all my terrible experiences with dentist in the past, I inform them I have a low tolerance for pain, I tell them the last dentist I went to left such a bad taste in my mouth - that it'd been 4 years since I've seen another one..... I even suggest I reschedule and try again later - I kid you not ,from the receptionist ( Gabby ) to the hygienist, and even the financial gal were so amazingly kind , patient and extremely tolerant of my whining and complaining . They assured me I was in great hands with Dr. Mantena, and would be well taken care of. Hmmm...I doubt it,i s what i thought. Too my surprise, they were right! I've never experienced such amazing skill!!! He literally made me feel so comfortable and pain-free . I could not believe it! He made a double root canal seem like a day at the park!! I thanked him,wanted to hug him and jump up and down for getting this done painlessly!!! I even went to work after and was fine! Understand, I'm a wimp with pain- don't handle it well at all, so for me to say I was good, you no its true!! I'm going on my 4th visit , he's pulled a lower wisdom and another double root canal and I can't express my gratitude for his talent,skill, care and concern I've received every SINGLE TIME. DR. MANTENA you have a patient for life!! Gabby is amazing as well . Thanks for listening to me and meeting my needs,you all ROCK!!!
Sharon N.